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JSONPlaceholder is an Open Source Online Mock REST API Service, designed for developers who need fake JSON data, offering simple and easy-to-understand access.
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How Working with API Endpoints and HTTP Methods in JSONPlaceholder ?

JSONPlaceholder uses HTTP methods like POST, GET, PUT, PATCH, HEAD, and DELETE for interaction examples between clients and servers. While all these methods work, produce results, and are functional, the data is not permanently stored in JSONPlaceholder. Currently, JSONPlaceholder JSONPlaceholder offers a blog example for developers to experiment with.


HTTP MethodsAPI Endpoints
GET(BY ID)/PUT/PATCH/DELETEhttps://jsonplaceholder.org/posts/1
GET(SEARCH BY ID)https://jsonplaceholder.org/posts/1


HTTP MethodsAPI Endpoints
GET(BY ID)/PUT/PATCH/DELETEhttps://jsonplaceholder.org/users/1
GET(SEARCH BY ID)https://jsonplaceholder.org/users?id=1)


HTTP MethodsAPI Endpoints
GET(BY ID)/PUT/PATCH/DELETEhttps://jsonplaceholder.org/comments/1
GET(SEARCH BY ID)https://jsonplaceholder.org/comments?id=1
.then(response => {
if (!response.ok) {
throw new Error('Network response was not ok');
return response.json();
.then(users => {
.catch(error => {
console.error('There was a problem with the fetch operation:', error);

How to use JSONPlaceholder ?

Learn more on Docus and Example with Postman.

What is JSONPlaceholder?

Inspired by Typicode's JSONPlaceholder, JSONPlaceholder (JSONPlaceholder.org) is an open-source and online service developed by developed by Vedat Yıldırım. He also owns domain names like JSONPlaceholder.io and JSONPlaceholder.net, along with the related JSONPlaceholder Twitter account and social media channels.

Currently, JSONPlaceholder offers a beautiful blog example for developers to experiment with. Its short-term primary goal is to create realistic fake data using real models from platforms like WordPress, Twitter, Medium, and Shopify. Some long-term goals include modeling applications like Amazon Cognito, Keycloak, and developing and adding fake data APIs for Authentication and Authorization processes such as OAuth2, JWT, and OpenID.

Why Choose JSONPlaceholder?

Here are some of the main reasons why this REST API service is perfect for developers looking for high-quality and realistic mock data:

  1. Platform-specific data models: It provides data models based on popular platforms like WordPress, Twitter, Medium, Shopify, TM Forum, Keycloak, etc., ensuring the mock data closely matches real-world data structures.
  2. User-friendly: The service is designed to be easy to use, making it simple for developers to generate the required data and APIs for their projects.
  3. Authentication and Authorization support: JSONPlaceholder offers mock data and APIs for authentication and authorization processes, essential for building secure and reliable applications.
  4. Best-practice compliant: By providing data models that follow industry best practices, JSONPlaceholder helps developers create functional, maintainable, and scalable applications.

Streamlining Development Processes with JSONPlaceholder

This REST API service supports developers in building better applications by offering:

  • Realistic and platform-specific mock data for frontend development and prototyping.
  • Fake APIs for different platforms and environments, allowing for comprehensive testing and debugging.
  • Support for authentication and authorization processes, ensuring secure and reliable applications. The team behind JSONPlaceholder continually refines and expands the service, staying up-to-date with the latest developments and ensuring


As an invaluable resource for developers seeking high-quality, realistic, and customizable mock data, JSONPlaceholder offers platform-specific data models and support for authentication and authorization processes. This service makes it easy for developers to build strong, secure, and reliable applications. Don't hesitate—try JSONPlaceholder and elevate your development process to new heights!